C2 Montreal

C2 Montréal is an immersive event hosting executives and designers from abroad who come together to rethink the future of commerce and creativity. We created an environment to represent the coexistence of the different realities of the business world for the opening sequence of the edition 2016, under the theme of The Many.

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  • Client C2 Montréal
  • Director Caravane
  • Production L'Éloi
  • Art Director Frédéric Bouin, Caravane
  • Assistants Art Directors Marc O'Brien, Jade Boutilier, Eric Mackay
  • D.O.P. Nik Mirus
  • Key Grip Pierre-Luc Bouchard
  • Assistant Cam Yann Clément
  • Data Wrangler Olivier Dubois
  • Editing / Post-production Caravane
  • Interns Alexandre D'Avignon, Marion Poujade