MAM I am project

MAM is a group of young entrepreneurs based in Barcelone devoted to environmentally-friendly fashion. They reached out to us to participate to their I AM project which aims to showcase various artists work and philosophy. In addition to our participation we made pictures featuring two of their watches.

Project MAM I am project header

"At MAM we believe everything is a matter of balance. For us, it’s the balance between our desire of innovation and our love for nature that allows us to create the most sustainable wood watches on the market. Caravane Studio knows a thing or two about innovation, nature, and balance. Their approach to graphic design and contemporary art through handmade creativity perfectly represents the values we stand for. That’s why we are thrilled to welcome this award-winning creative duo to the I AM project."

— Read the whole interview on the I AM project page

MAM I am project 3
  • Art direction & Set design Caravane
  • Photo Nik Mirus